5 Importance of Having Medical Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Laveta Brigham

One must have comprehensive health insurance to prepare for medical emergencies and manage medical expenses. It is even more advisable to get one, now that we are in a covid-19 pandemic.

Medical insurance is usually considered a waste of money in many communities because it is seen as just a tax-saving tool. Its value only becomes evident when difficult situations arise. Hence, you must get medical insurance before emergencies from a good insurance company. Sites like reviewsbird.co.uk provide collated reviews of medical insurances that are worth considering.

The following are 5 importance of having medical insurance, especially during this covid-19 pandemic.

1. Protection against inflation:

medical services are expensive, therefore obtaining medical insurance can help reduce the financial strain on an individual. We are all aware that covid-19 medications and equipment such as ventilators are very expensive. Although we are to try our best to protect ourselves, we also need to have a financial back-up. Because there is general inflation in society, having medical insurance is important so that the increase in prices do not affect our incomes or disrupt our budget.

2. Coverage of medical bills abroad:

generally, domestic health insurance policies do not cover for medical expenses when you are in another country. This is quite a disadvantage but some insurance companies provide travel insurance. You should discuss with a representative, everything you need to know about your insurance policy before buying it. If your medical insurance policy provides coverage for medical bills abroad, then this is a big advantage for you. So, if your work requires that you travel, you should purchase travel insurance with your medical insurance plan.

3. Provision of alternative treatment:

there are many insurance companies now that provide cover for alternative treatment methods for medical conditions in their medical insurance policies. This offers more flexibility in treatment for situations where the usual treatment methods cannot be used. If for instance, you have a high metabolic rate system, the use of enteral drugs might be ineffective. Therefore, there will be a need for alternative treatment methods. It is a huge bonus when the insurance policy you purchase covers alternative treatment.

4. Pre and post-hospitalisation cost coverage:

in some medical plans, the insurance companies cover the expenses incurred before and after the main treatment. Examples of pre-medical cost are test and consultation fees. It is advised that you go for a covid-19 test, if you have been in contact with an infected person or if you are showing the symptoms. The test is not an actual treatment but your insurance policy can cover that. Also, if perhaps you contract the virus, there is a possibility that even after treatment you can have post-COVID complications. Your insurer can also cover this.

5. Free health check-ups:

under certain conditions, many health insurance plans offer some check-ups free of charge. In most cases, the check-ups are covered through a cashless payment system.

In light of the current pandemic, it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones. You should also purchase a medical insurance plan whether or not you have contracted the virus.

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