DBV vs Debeka: Enrolling for a Private Health Insurance

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DBV vs Debeka: Enrolling for a Private Health Insurance

If your company does not offer you a health security as part of their worker benefits program, buying your own insurance through a private health insurance firm can be an excellent idea. Premiums are amounts of money a person or company pays to insurance firms for coverages.

These insurance plans are usually paid every month. Companies that offer employer-sponsored plans usually cover part of the premiums. If an individual scheme to insure themselves, they will be paying the entire amount of the premiums.

It is common knowledge that almost everyone is concerned about the cost of these individual plans. But there are different prices and options available to people based on the level of coverage they need. When buying individual insurance, the process is more complex than simply choosing a company’s premium and having the payment come straight out of one’s paycheck every month. Listed below are some helpful tips to help individuals guide through the process of getting an individual policy.

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How does this process work?

Some people get insured by enrolling in group premiums through their companies. Some firms provide health-care coverage to the disabled and senior citizens, and other cover low-income individuals. Federal health insurance plans are also available for individuals who are 65 years old and older.

Certain people with disabilities and individuals with end-stage renal disease (especially young one) may also qualify for these plans. There are also public assistance programs for low-income people regardless of age or race. If companies do not offer employer-sponsored premiums, and if the person is not eligible for the plans mentioned above, families and individuals have the option of getting policies directly from private companies or through the marketplace.

Cases when people might need this type of premiums

Particular cases make it more likely that individuals will need to get an individual health insurance plan.

Adults of a certain age

Young people can be covered as dependents by their spouses or parents’ health-care policy until they turn at a certain age (depending on the place they live). After they turn at a certain age, they need to look for their own health care plan.


If a person loses their job, they may be eligible to maintain their coverage through their company’s health insurance policy for a certain period. These plans allow eligible workers and their dependents the option to continue the coverage at their own expense.

While coverage through this type of plan can be maintained for up to three years or 36 months, the cost of enrolling in the plan is pretty high. It is because the unemployed individual pays the entire cost of the premium. Usually, companies pay part of the plan on behalf of their workers.

Individuals doing part-time jobs

Part-time jobs don’t usually offer healthcare benefits. Part-time jobs are the position that requires workers to work a much lower number of hours compared to full-time employees, or at least 40 hours a week. If a person works part-time jobs, they need to enroll in their own plan.

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Self-employed individuals may work as freelancers or own businesses. Some of them can get insurance policies through a spouse’s plan. If not, they need to provide their own plan.

Business owners who have workers

If a person starts a business and has workers, they must offer their employees’ healthcare premiums. Even if it is not required, owners might decide to offer these plans to be a competitive company that can attract qualified applicants. In this case, they will be required to get a business insurance plan.


When a person retires, there is a good chance that they no longer are eligible for a company-sponsored health care plan. If they are under 65 years old and not disabled, they will need to get an individual private health care plan until they turn 65 and can apply for a more affordable one.

A lot of retirees choose private plans in addition to government-issued premiums as a way to guarantee more comprehensive or thorough coverage. Some retired individuals may also decide to replace their government-sponsored coverage with a privately-sponsored one.

It is important to know that these premiums are only for the retiree. The partner, spouse, or dependents can’t be insured through these plans. It means that if the family members were previously covered through the company’s premium, and they retire, family members may need to get individual plans. For more information about this topic, check out DBV vs Debeka to find out which one suits your needs.

Why people need to purchase health-care premiums

If individuals find themselves in one of the above situations and they lack coverage, it is imperative to get individual coverage as soon as possible. Even though people are not required to have coverage, they can’t predict when an incident or accident will happen that will need medical attention.

Even minor incidents like broken bones can have significant financial consequences if they are not covered. If a person is enrolled in a plan through the insurance marketplace, they may be eligible for an income-based tax credit or a cost-sharing reduction. This marketplace is a platform that offers premiums for people, small businesses, and families. Governments established these marketplaces as a way to achieve utmost compliance with the mandate that people are enrolled in health insurance.

A lot of places offer their own marketplaces, while federal governments manage an exchange open to people living in various states. While individuals may not be able to afford the same type of premiums a company can offer them, any coverage is beneficial compared to going without it. In cases of major accidents or long-term illnesses, people will be prepared. These things are very important to our lives, which is why making sure to get a reputable one that can cover your needs.

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