Pandemic friendly businesses to try out

Laveta Brigham

At the start of the year 2020, potential entrepreneurs couldn’t have known the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of business. While the measures set out including quarantine and social distance measures negatively affected the traditional in-person businesses such as brick and mortar retail and restaurants, it also opened opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet the evolving and new needs of clients. This article covers some of the businesses that are best to start in times of a pandemic.

Digital marketing

With new websites and apps emerging regularly, knowing how you will digitally market them is an extremely valuable asset. Businesses are continually searching for agencies that can help them penetrate through the crowded environment and stand out against their competitors. Take advantage of this opportunity and come up with your digital marketing agency that provides clients with SEO services, social media, content marketing, targeted and paid advertising, web design, consulting and analytics.


The fact that it is safer to stay indoors has made online delivery services to be at their all-time highest levels. Online delivery services that have increased dramatically include groceries and pharmaceutical goods. There is also a market for services providing miscellaneous commodities. Try starting a business that deals with goods which aren’t readily accessible. Have a partnership with your local business to be supplying goods they offer directly from the store to the client.
You can also start a hyper-local system of delivering goods that is affordable and more effectual than conventional services. Focusing on a specific locality will help to understand the area better, learn about your clients, understand their buying habits, and know the cost of doing business in the area. This will help inform your business better.

App developer

Many companies were hit off-guard by the coronavirus pandemic and struggled to discover effective ways to keep in touch with their clients. App developers can capitalize on this opportunity, and aid businesses adjust to the coronavirus restrictions by coming up with an app to help them stay connected with their clients. Having an App and an online presence will not only be beneficial to help the businesses survive through the pandemic, but it will help them to continue growing in the digital age.

Commercial cleaning service

Maintaining hygienic conditions is key to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. This has made professional cleaning services to be in high demand since the beginning of the pandemic. Further statistics continue to indicate that industrial cleaning services will continue being in demand for the next few years due to the effects of covid-19. Globally, medical facilities, businesses and government offices rely on specialized cleaning services to keep their spaces disinfected.

Come up with your online tutoring classes

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in school closures worldwide affecting about 2 billion students. There’s thus a promising potential of online tutoring during the pandemic. If you are a professional teacher, you can start online tutoring classes and help students in crisis times while also setting yourself a business.

Box subscription companies

Box subscription company’s services have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic era. Usually box subscription companies are of different forms, including beauty products kits, meal prep, storytelling experiences, and family fun kits. One should ensure that they identify a niche and curate particular experiences and products for the specific market. During the pandemic, an entrepreneur deciding on the subscription company to start should bear in mind that the market requires products that will help them through the measures imposed, including the orders to stay at home.

Home improvement contractors

The pandemic occasioned people to spend more time at home, and as a result, the need to improve homes increased in demand. People are engaging in home improvement projects, including the renovation of spare rooms to offices, building additions and building spaces for kids to play. Homeowners have increasingly needed contractors to help bring these projects into life. With a ready market, it is the best time to set up a home improvement contractor business. Hire individuals with the right skills and start taking home improvement contracts.

In conclusion, though the pandemic had adverse effects on many businesses, it also created room for new businesses to emerge. This article has discussed pandemic friendly businesses that you can try out. While selecting the appropriate furniture for your new business’s office make use of online reviews to identify reputable furniture store and companies. You can see reviews about furniture companies and also have a look at vidaxl furniture.

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